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Well, I’ve finally decided to let loose my little insignificant thoughts on the world, complete with spelling mistakes no doubt. Hey wait, this thing has a spell check! Cool…

In the world of the internet I upgraded my email system from POP3 to IMAP yesterday. No, I’m not going to explain what those means but so long as nobody actually bothers to read this I should be OK. Phew!

End of Year 10 exams are still here. Did Science today. Well, it went alright I suppose. Still got no idea about generating electricity from a magnetic field though.

In more important international news, the EU expands from 15 to 25 members on Saturday (see, this blog will jump around from topic to topic wildly so just enjoy the ride.) It’s a great moment, sadly being ignored by the eurosceptics who have decided that 25 countries is just too many to be friendly to. How dare those qualified people come and steal OUR jobs, given to use by divine birthright? Agh! Now we might have to do some hard work for a change…

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