It’s the weekend! (yet again)

Well despite the fact I’ve only had 3 days of ‘school’ this week, and despite the fact I’ve got a bucket load of homework, a weekend is a weekend and we should all cherish it.

Congratulations to the Year 9s everywhere, SATs are over and now you only have GCSES, A levels, University, a job and retirement to worry about…

In boring personal news- I got my hair cut. I always prefer it short as there is less to worry about, especially in the mornings when it refuses to straighten.

This blog has very quickly become the most popular page on this site, and has attracted new visitors from obscure search results. So howdy to you! I guess this shows people actually like it when things get updated. And talking of updating, why don’t people with broadband just install Windows Updates as second nature? ESPECIALLY at the workplace? OK, I know it’s much more of a pain than for home users, but for god’s sake, isn’t that what network admins are paid to do? Take a note, coastguard.

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