WOO! My life just got better

I’m in such a good mood right now I could sing (but you don’t want that, trust me)

– Half Term! Whole week of school-less life.

– Last ever Friends! And wasn’t it great. We watched it as a family, like 99% of the country I’d imagine. And managed to switch off before Big Bore came on as well.

– Darren Brown! (Hell, I just like this show. 23:10)

– I’m going to Rome! Yup, on Wednesday. So better make sure I do all my coursework before then. I’m going to Rome!

– NEW PC! For those of you who chat to me on MSN you might be familiar with the long, difficult birth of PC3. Well it’s finally ordered – 2.8 Ghz, Office 2003 Professional, Windows XP etc etc etc – and it’s going in my room. How I managed that I have no idea, but I expect my sisters will be poking their heads round the door a lot more often now, right

(Just to demonstrate what a strange family we are, we’ve had a big discussion over what to call it. It’s NOT ‘Dominic’s Computer’ because, well, that’s wrong – it’s not. So we’ve settled on PC3, cause it reminds me of BBC3.)

For those of you who are having an utterly miserable, depressing time – I’m sorry for any mental damage I may have caused. In fact, that goes for the rest of you as well. Sorry!

[rubs hands with glee]

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