Friday Night TV

Right, for those of you still reading (guess we’re down into single figures here – if we were ever higher!) here’s a review of my little telly feast tonight.

We start off with ‘My Family’ (8:30, BBC1). Fairly average sitcom fare, tonight’s was not great really apart from Nic – always great to have around. The climax was especially weak with Ben being carried off in a coffin (couldn’t have seen that coming, could you? but all round still makes for fun viewing after a long week.

Next, ‘Friends’ (9:00, Channel 4). Now I’m not too familiar with the adoption system in the States, but how many people here get to give their future child’s biological mother a tour round New York (“I wanna do all the tourist things!”) followed by a nice little chat about the child’s ‘real’ father. Still, seeing Joey learn French was interesting…

OK, now we bring out the real stuff. ‘Have I Got News For You’ (9:30, BBC 1) Tonight’s TV gem was hosted by Des Lynam and Kilroy was on Paul’s team, leading to a rather embarrassing moment when the, um *cough* could be described as racist *cough* ex TV presenter had made a rather big fool of himself continuing his anti-Arab theme and had a row with Merton! You could actually see the looks on each regular’s faces – I think Kilroy has rivalled Piers Morgan for HIGNFY foolish appearances. Still, a man who respects Richard Desmond after his Nazi tirade deserves it…

Finally, ‘Darren Brown – Tricks of the Mind’ (10:00, Channel 4) was as intriguing as last week. The thing I love about his show is that he never for a minute pretends he is using supernatural powers, physic barriers or any other such rubbish. His use of science for great mind games is incredible, demonstrated when he asked the viewer to choose an object in their room and successfully predicted our heads would turn to look right. Brilliant!

Well that’s it, ‘you’ (whoever ‘you’ is, most likely no-one but I’d like to point out my blog has become one of my most visited pages in a few days) have a good weekend.


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