WHSmith and Royal Mail – Spot the Connection!

Apologies if my last blog seemed rushed – that was because it was. I had to eat!

Now following my shopping spree in Brent Cross today I want to ask a simple question – why do WHSmith not accept Solo cards? HMV do. So do Dixons, and McDonalds. Not to mention Amazon and all the other major online shops.

So why does WHSmith refuse to drag themselves into the present day? I only shop there because they seem to be the only ones who stock magazines nowadays. Ah well, I guess it’s yet another reason why they are literally falling apart.

Talking of falling apart, did anyone else catch the Channel 4 documentary on Royal Mail yesterday? Quite astounding that their management seems completely incapable of sorting out the problems and generally gave the impression that the sorting offices are an uncontrolled riot filled with untrained staff, broken machines and credit card thieves. Their PRish statement at the end merely made my thankful email has rendered the post obsolete (apart from parcels, of course!)

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