Criminal on school roof!

OK, today was the best school day for a very long time.

At break time outside, suddenly a police helicopter starts circling and descending. And yes, they shout to us on a megaphone! Running around along I witness the best example of the school coming together as over 1000 kids gather at the end of the playground. There’s a boy on the roof – and he’s got a gun!

Well, no, he didn’t really have a gun. But he was on the run from the police and broke onto school grounds, where someone lent him a school uniform top to ‘blend in’ (not the most intelligent idea to then climb on a roof then).

The police manage to evacuate us all inside where, amazingly, our class had one of the best views of the boy on the roof there is. Even the teacher was snapping photos on his camera phone. Electrolysis of aluminium lay forgotten. This was fun!

While the rather anti-climax ending (he was persuaded to walk off where he was taken into custody) was disappointing it still managed to be a brilliant day. Although I do question the mentality of us, when we believe someone has a gun our first response is “Run as close to him as we can! I wanna see!”

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