OK, I’ll come clean, this blog just got wiped (agh!) so I’m having to retype it again. But that doesn’t change the fact Have I Got News For You is a brilliant programme, tonight with Claudia Winkleman (the wonderfully funny presenter of Liquid News before it was axed by the DOG wielding manic Stuart Murphy) and Stanley Johnson, Boris’ dad! It is hard to believe that William Hague, hosting for the second time, ran for Prime Minister only a few years ago. Ah the fate of all Tory leaders nowadays, performing Dirty Den’s lines from Eastenders. Brilliant show!

More sickeningly, Donald (Rumsfeld, not the Duck. Leave him out of this.) claimed that the photos from Iraq show abuse “but not torture.” What planet is this guy on? Oh yeah, the one with global ‘we like hot weather anyway’ warming and Guantanamo ‘they’re really scary and it’s in Cuba so it’s OK’ Bay. Can someone please just send him out to the frontlines in Iraq and let him fight for a few days?

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