Emma June Event

Major Life Updates

OK, so I promised you major life updates in the last post and here they finally are! The last few weeks have been especially hectic and life-changing, both for good and bad reasons, but in keeping with the tone of this blog I will stick unashamedly with the positive. So first of all: I’m writing this from the living room of my new flat Have moved in with the super-lovely Cat from work, with Josh joining us in about a month’s time… it’s all very exciting and we’re going to have so much fun together. So, yay! (Talking of work: I also have a new job to do from Monday… double yay.)

Emma June Event

Emma June Event

All the photos from the Emma June Event from two weeks ago are on Facebook, but suffice to say it was another amazing mix of black tie and bouncy castle, Josh’s newest secret passion (casino gambling this time) and some glorious cabaret. And then last weekend Grace and I went to another year of Puntcon – and there’s no better place than gently gliding down the river Cam after a fulsome picnic to know that life is good.

One more thing. Last week I turned 23. This is, of course, scarily and frighteningly old… but mollified by a little by getting a Kindle. Now, I’m quite sensitive to the pros and cons of paper books versus their electronic upstarts, and I’m sure I’m going to be using both for a long time to come. But a Kindle has one glorious property which makes it revelatory to me: I can read it on the Tube. I have never been able to do this. Reading books on the Tube has always given me a headache in minutes, even though phones \ newspapers were fine. But having a Kindle on a commute is like learning to read for a second time, and I don’t ever want to go back.

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