Team Flat

I will go rolling fast, arms out in the rain

So it’s coming up to a month since I moved out, and definitely time for a quick update. We’ve already had a steady flow of visitors coming to look round and tell us to do the washing up more often – hello Katie, Oliver, Matt, Caroline, Robert, Sophie, Grace, Alex and Rosie (though not all at once). In our defence, it’s a period of transition: Joshua is arriving soon, but then we only have a couple of weeks before we’re moved upstairs into our actual new flat (long story) which we promise will be kept very slightly tidier. (Not sure I have the authority to promise such things on a flat-wide basis, but I just have.) It has also been determined that:

  • Every home needs a whiteboard
  • It’s surprisingly easy to walk to work, if you want to
  • Going swimming at the local pool induces a warm glow of health and fitness, even if I’ve forgotten how to swim properly
Team Flat

Team Flat

A few weeks ago we found ourselves at Josh’s mum’s birthday pool party – yes, an actual pool party with an actual swimming pool in the back garden which is, at least in this country, the coolest novelty short of a private rollercoaster – which also gave us our first flat team photo. Be forewarned, blog, there may be a few of these.

In other news, Katie and I have steamrollered through the (super-awesome) first season of Dollhouse – our fourth joint sci-fi \ fantasy endeavour – and also saw The Dark Knight Rises, also known as The Film That Everyone Else Saw Last Weekend Too. And what everyone else says is true: (a) it’s a great watch, and (b) it could still have done with some editing. And also, (c) a consultant’s advice in handling nuclear bombs, because Katie and I both winced at the alarmingly cavalier attitude shown towards bumping them violently against any passing walls.

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