I don’t care! WAAA!

A certain person, let’s just call them Mr. X, has decided to pretend they don’t care about school, or exams. Great, great. But why then walk around like a depressive screaming at people? I thought people who didn’t care where nice, easy-going free spirited hippies?

Screaming “I don’t care!” means, of course, that you do care. So please stop wasting our time.

In other news – we did our best piece of drama (and it was funny too!) in a looong time, and our regular teacher wasn’t there to see it. Great. Well if you’re reading this just give us a commendation each please, it was bloody brilliant and we actually got people to laugh for a change.

Finally – Anthony Ainley has died. Famous to Doctor Who fans as one of the actors who played ‘The Master’ you can read a tribute to him on Doctor Who’s leading fan site here. A sad day.

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