Gimmie an E, gimmie an X, gimmie a A, gimmie a M

Science exam – tomorrow. Module tests. 10% of final GCSE. And instead of sleeping, or revising, I’m blogging. That’s great self control, Dom. Oh yeah, and that History homework better get done as well…

Also coming up in my life… (drum roll, please)

– Work Experience at the Guardian Politics Desk! Yeah – pity there’s a tube strike on my first day. [Evil stare]

– Tasha stole a page of my site – check out and weep with me.

– Teachers are leaving like flies. It’s hard not to feel it’s me.

– We finished reading ‘An Inspector Calls’, and bloody good play it is too.

– I convinced a friend to read 1984, and he’s enjoying it! It’s such a great novel too – just think of Big Brother, Newspeak, Room 101, the 2 minute hate…

OK, so I need to finish this blog, do some History (gulp), revise and sleep. In that order.
This made me laugh though.


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