School Play! Woo hoo!

We just finished our second (and last, awww…) night of the school play. And, apparently, we rocked. So yah! Many thanks to all the teachers and others who made is possible… and also congratulations to everyone – especially Victor Vee, Fifi, the Lorettes, Romeo, Juliet, the Page, Sam, Rick, Cliff… ok then everyone!

Also going through my head at the moment…

Nic criticises my grammar. Nics stupid. Its not fair. Grrrrrrrr…

Disaster for common sense, a return to the dark ages of education. This gets me really angry. Even those who do believe in creationism who I’ve spoke to realise it’s not suitable for a Science lesson, for goodness sake! We must fight this spread of zealots before it’s too late, and we end up like Texas or something

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School Play! Woo hoo!

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