Watching the system admin

Presumably as some kind of reward for doing that ICT coursework I blogged about yesterday, I got to spend a few hours this afternoon with the systems administrator for my school. While it’s somewhat heart-breaking to watching someone joyfully disable every single system privilege they could possibly disable, I’m glad they’ve got someone who understands security.

Well I say that, but 10 minutes after I was asked to test a new group policy, I discovered I could access the documents of every single user on the network. And install programs. Whoops!

Anyway, I’m now almost homework-free for the weekend. Hopefully I won’t do anything stupid, like waste this precious time blogging to no-one Actually, I really must watch these Matrix DVDs a neighbour lent me. (Yeah that’s right, I missed most of the Matrix hype, only catching the first film on DVD years after it came out.)

Oh, and on Sunday Messenger Plus!, a brilliant add-on to Windows and MSN Messenger which allows you, amongst a huge bundle of extra options, to check POP3 email accounts, releases a new version. Download and enjoy!

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