4 days without a blog! Well, I never!

For those waiting for Part 3 of the great OfSTED story, they said we were one of “the most inclusive schools the inspection team had ever seen.” So there!

I stayed up to 3am on Friday night… working on a database for IT GCSE. Yeah, Access is hard work, though I’m actually fairly happy about it now. Relational databases, who would have guessed they could be so much fun?

I’ve also been roped in to present a Power Point thingy about rebuilding Harlesden, god knows how I got into that one, especially as I seem incapable of even *spelling* Harlesden correctly! (Yes, it’s right here, I checked.) Apparently, the conclusion ‘we’ came to was to simply demolish the whole area and start again from scratch. Not quite sure how the residents would feel, but there you go…

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