OFSTED are here

That’s right, the Dementors have descended. They’ve killed any atmosphere, all the teachers are stressed and I have a feeling that the only people who become inspectors are failed teachers anyway.

No no – that’s unfair. After all, there’s a slight chance they might be reading this. I just get irked by the fact the *private company* which has been contracted to inspect is probably the lowest bidder, ‘we cut corners the most’ kind of company. It stinks of an organisation set up during the Tory years. Hey, wait a sec, it was. Surprise!

Talking of Tories, they’ve been having their party conference to try and decide the best way to commit further suicide. A fairly novel way has been by screening videos of Michael Howard talking about his first kiss. Guys, you aren’t supposed to SCARE the voters!

And Matthew got me looking into old school rap, starting out with Rapper’s Paradise (the original version) and ‘The Message’ by Grandmaster Flash. It’s surprisingly good, especially if you watch the unintentionally hilarious videos for free at Yahoo’s Launch service.

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