Fox Hunting – It’s civil war!

America may have its national jokes such as Bush and, ur, the States in the middle. But don’t think that we can’t compete – we’ve got a civil war all of our own now!

Fox hunting. Blair promises it, Commons says yes, Lords says no, Commons says ‘we’re serious’, Lords say ‘fuck that’, Commons say ‘well fuck you too’, Lords say ‘AGHHHH’! Commons win. That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a quick summing up of the last decade or so.

It’s brought home to me how utterly stupid the Lords are, and what a prick Prince Charles is. Oh wait, I already knew that…

Anyway – if anyone abroad was planning a trip to the UK, cancel it now while you can. It’s civil war, and I hear the Americans are sending a liberating army any moment now!

P.S. On a totally unrelated topic, ha ha

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