He’s dead, dammit!

On the 5th of November, Nic wrote:

In other news – Arafat is said to be “between life and death” by the BBC – which is pretty much what everyone is, if you think about it; there really is no middle, because you never see the end.

By today, the 10th, we have:

More seriously, Arafat has moved into a deeper coma today. Officials say he is suffering from a brain haemorrhage (that’s intense internal bleeding) and claim his life is in the “hands of God”.

and now BBC News says: Israel agrees Arafat burial plans

Take a hint people! He is, for all intents and purposes, DEAD. They’re just waiting until they feel like making it official.

I’m just glad we’ve got a US President who has shown so much concern and understanding for the Middle East crisis over the past few years… :rolleyes:

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