Registry whoops and Spanish speaking test

So, was making slight, teeny-tiny changes to the registry and school and – through no fault of my own – screw up my profile. The start bar is now half of my screen, and the text is about 300px big. We’re getting 2003 Server anyway so hopefully it’ll be all reset…!

Tomorrow is Friday, and an INSET day, so no school until Monday where I will have one more day to prepare for – joy – a Spanish speaking test. Higher Tier. We’ve only ever done Foundation before, and I ask what the main differences are:

“Oh, nothing really, just give longer and more detailed answers. Oh, and yeah, the questions that you get to see 10 minutes beforehand? They’re now in Spanish.”

So not much of a change there then?!?

P.S. Hiya Michael – Ricky Gervais Live was great. Thanks!

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