Why Firefox is good for everyone

Blogger is finally back online so now I can try and shove Bush out of my mind to briefly mention Firefox.

I have Firefox installed and up to date on my PC. I love tabbed browsing, I like the CSS handling and some of the features are better laid out than IE. However, for the majority of my time I am sticking to Internet Explorer. SP2 is a huge reason for this, I think the Information Bar is a wonderful tool and it helps me daily. Yeah Firefox has a clone, but it’s not nearly as well designed.

I am delighted that Firefox is gaining ground – I want that trend to continue so that Microsoft finally decide to update IE. I want a huge update, I want IE 7.0 to be XP compatible (at least!) and, like everyone, I’ve got a very long wish list of features. C’mon guys, make the best browser you can filled with new and *innovative* new features in the same vein as Firefox’s brilliant ‘Live Bookmarks’. Proper PNG compatibility wouldn’t go astray either, if only to view Nic’s new blog with properly!

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