To conclude my mega-post from Thursday, TARDIS is the name of my new baby PC. (Wonderful sense of naming I have… PC1… PC2…PC3… and then TARDIS. In my defence, it’s not part of the network or the ‘official’ line of PCs in my house.)

Anyway, TARDIS isn’t exactly new. It’s been lent to me by Dave Cooper, the systems admin at school, along with Windows XP Professional, to prepare me for the MCSE 70-270 exam I’ll be doing soon in Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows XP Professional. What’s really cool is that I have completely free reign to mess about with it as much as I want. Who cares if it breaks? I can always re-install the OS about 100 times.

I’m using the wonderful Remote Desktop feature to connect without having to pull out all the cables from PC3. Life is good…

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