Harry the Nazi

Oh, how could I not post about this!

The thing that gets me, and I mean really gets me, is that the name of the fancy dress party was ‘Colonials and Natives’. I mean, hello? How much more evidence do we need that these people are not worthy for employment, let alone represent the country. And this time it’s not some mad Uncle. We’re talking about the guy who is third in line to the throne, attending a party in a fascist uniform.

How ironic that people beat up on the working class chavs who, while not being a haven of tolerance and respect, would probably draw the line at swastikas.

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Harry the Nazi

  1. Alex Newman says:

    Thats horrible.
    I’m not saying more cause red dalek already posted this on my forum and theres a whole discussion going on.

    (Click my name I think)

  2. My Question – What were the photographers doing taking photographs of him at a private function and INVADING HIS PRIVACY.

    Why should we care if he was wearing a Nazi Uniform? The entire thing has been blown out of proportion by Media Hysteria! I have Jewish decent!!!! I don’t give a flying fuck what Harry gets up to, it hasn’t offending me! He’s apologised so get over it!

  3. Red Dalek says:

    Firstly, he hasn’t really apologised. Some PR guy writing ‘sorry if I caused offence’ is not a real apology.

    Secondly, it’s not so much the act itself (we all do stupid things) but what it tells us about the Royals and their friends. I hate to use the word racist, but if the shoe fits…

    However – if Prince Harry renounces the Monarchy and any claim to the throne, pays back all our tax money and stops pretending to represent the country, I’ll stop caring about him.

  4. Alex Newman says:

    Henry, are you really Jewish? The website you linked to is about an online church…

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