Back to School

And it’s a bit frustrating, because there’s loads of stuff I’d like to blog about but can’t. (Not for very interesting reasons I’m afraid.) What I can say is that I’m starting learning Microsoft’s 70-290 exam – Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment. Cool eh? Oh, and all that other work, GCSEs and such. That’s all going fine too.

Well – it did snow today, which should make Rishal happy. He’s been desperate for a bit of snow ever since Christmas. (That was today’s shout out, right there.)

Ummm… that’s it really. Sorry for the dull post – I’m off to write an article about young people and politics. And trying to decide which is more annoying. Bye!

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Back to School

  1. Katie Self says:

    YAY SNOW!!!!!

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    0 o .
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