Jason in a Bin

Security for Everyone? Plus – Jason!

Went to fix a friend’s PC today. Problem: very slow and no windows will open. Surprise surprise, the problem is spyware!

Rishal had about sixty items of malware on his PC altogether. I wanted to reformat the whole thing and start again, but didn’t have anything to back up to, so took the ‘damage limitation’ approach of using Spybot \ Ad-aware \ Microsoft AntiSpyware \ CCleaner \ Add-remove programs to give everything a good clean, then installed XP SP2 and all the other updates.

The PC had gotten into this state despite having a fully paid up version of McAfee Security Centre sitting happily in the corner, complete with AntiVirus, Firewall, AntiSpyware (hah!) etc etc etc. This was no help at all when a program can bypass everything by getting the user to click OK on a random ActiveX control. The next time I’m over, I’ll slip on a copy of Firefox

And now, I’m delighted to present a very special item: Jason in a Bin.

Jason in a Bin

Fantastic, I think you’ll agree. Bagman to the rescue?

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22 Comments on :
Security for Everyone? Plus – Jason!

  1. Bagman says:

    This is a lovely pic of me in the bin. Find me in a bin near YOU!

  2. angel says:

    Jason who do you fink u are? you ahve no talent or self respect. u should be ashamed of yr self

  3. Red Dalek says:

    That’s very harsh – it’s not easy to fit in a bin :-p

  4. Alex Newman says:

    I have to admit, it is funny. And its probably a lot funnier if you know him.

  5. Bagman says:

    I may not have talent or self respect, but i have my bin an thats all i need

  6. CrazedFFgirl says:

    Lol I’ve always been Crazy but not THAT crazy

  7. Rob says:

    Whatever turns people one!

  8. Alex Newman says:

    Rob, your link doesn’t work right for me. It gives me an error, but if I manually go to the domain it works fine.

  9. Red Dalek says:

    Yup – you’ve got one w too many in your address Rob!

  10. Christina_babe says:

    Angel can kiss my ass. i love the pic. I would like to meet this guy. is he cute? sum1 leave a comment about him where i can contact him.

  11. Red Dalek says:

    He’s Bagman – click on the first comment on this page to send him an email…

  12. satan says:

    jason u idiot. the gates of hell are open to u :p well done

  13. Crusader42 and a 1/2 says:

    Hells in a bin! cool i thought it was in the library of a secondary skool

  14. Katie Self says:

    I bet there was a sweet at the bottom!

  15. Satan says:

    oh no a library is heaven; pure evil!!!

    Congratulations jason for making it through to the finals of "hell idol"

  16. Bagman says:

    Satan please email me with your demolistic ways

  17. Satan says:

    e-mail is the best way bagman. . . phoning me will be at premium rate!

  18. Red Dalek says:

    Yeah – a phone call to hell would be expeeeensive (long distance!)

  19. Satan says:

    Rd dalek, if u get a spade and dig in your back garden for about a hour you will find the gateway to hell, and a free mars bar (sponcers of hell)

  20. Angel says:

    Christina_babe at least i know this guy so i can insult him. i ahve a right to my opinion and anyways i was funny but he can do better.

  21. maya says:

    Init like!! Let angel have her opinion..If u knew the guy, you would no that he is capable of FAR more than that!!!

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