Blogging while tired equals…

Went to Suffolk. Had lasagne and chips for lunch. Visited grandparents. Took lots of photos and movies of sisters with digital camera. Katie throw frisbee onto roof. Fell asleep listening to new MP3 player on way home. Arrived back to new DWM, bank statement and about 30 emails. Fixed gravatar issue in Internet Explorer. Had a bath. Replaced photo of me on website, cause Pingu said it was “too french”. Did development work on Blogged about day in short sentences. Went to bed.

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Blogging while tired equals…

  1. alex trafford says:

    Just made me think of those sheets; with the standard for each level.
    What would you say? "Level 1 – ability to write in sentences with a capital letter and full stop."

    Anyway ,the pictures better.

  2. Rob says:

    I’m using this oppurtunity to tell you that the link to my blog is out date
    My site’s

  3. Red Dalek says:

    Thanks – ’tis changed.

    Don’t forget to use the right email address for your gravatar though!

  4. Rob says:

    Yeah, had some letters messed up , fixed now

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