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Overnight, I got 130 pieces of comment spam. Luckily, the first few started trickling in before I went to bed so, fearing the worst, I turned on pre-moderation for all comments. Unfortunately, this will now remain until I figure out a better way to deal with this. (For those of you screaming Captcha – my initial tests suggested it wouldn’t work on here, or at least not without fiddling.)

I think the main problem is that the master blacklist doesn’t seem to be keeping up. For now, I have put all the URLs spamming into a text file to download and I suggest that anybody relying on the Blacklist adds these to your personal list ASAP.

Ironically, since all links are tagged with rel=”no follow” the whole spam operation is meaningless anyway.

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Comment Spam

  1. Pingu says:

    At least give Captcha a try – hell, I’ll even do it for you.
    What makes you think it won’t work?

  2. Ragnarok_Warrior says:

    Im not a blacklist user just my Symantec AntiVirus and Zone Alarm keeps the spam away oh and popup scams use Google Toothbrush!

  3. Ragnarok_Warrior says:

    My Post was not wanted

  4. Red Dalek says:

    Ragnarok – it’s not you, it’s automatic moderation. Believe it or not there were another 15-20 spams while I was gone.

    Pingu – it didn’t work last night when I tried it. I suspect the PHP doesn’t have the correct things installed. Rest assured I will try again this weekend – your help is much appreciated as ever

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