Conservatives and Moral Values….

Moral values call to Tory leader

Conservative traditionalists have entered the fledgling Tory leadership contest by pushing their next leader to fight liberal attitudes.

A group of “socially conservative” Tory MPs say the party should echo George Bush’s “faith, flag and family” slogan.

Yeeeeeeeeees, that’s a great idea! Go for it! Absolutely concentrate on that, because we could learn a lot from them.

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Conservatives and Moral Values….

  1. Sorry, off topic, but the linked headers are good.

  2. Rob says:

    Part of the newer look changes?

  3. Sanna says:

    Haha – but seriously, what is going to happen if the Tories start wiping Bush’s arse as well as New "Labour"??
    Sweden is great, thanks for asking.

  4. Red Dalek says:

    I can’t remember if I did ask, and you’re being friendly, or I didn’t, and you’re being sarky But, um, glad you’re having fun and are not entirely without blessed Internet access! When are you back?

    (Oh – and the Tories will get back in eventually. It’ll be up to us to make their stay as unpleasant and short as possible.)

  5. Köp en glass och njut av sommaren says:

    Back on the 21st August….. booked with Josh for the 23rd, maybe we can do something too ?
    And yeah, I know the Tories will get back in eventually. I’m in denial – it’s a stage one has to go through (along with anger, disbelief, etc.) to get to acceptance. *sniggers* though I doubt I’ll ever accept the Tories, unless there’s a gun against my head

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