Animal rights terrorism

BBC News: Targeted guinea pig farm closes

For the sake of scientific research in this country, we need to strike harder against this form of terrorism which involves grave robbing, “hate mail, malicious phone calls, hoax bombs and arson attacks”.

‘Animal rights’ is always controversial but it should be obvious to any sane person that this kind of activity is not only deeply immoral, it’s illogical. The farm will now return to traditional farming – so animals will still die, but now it’ll just be as food instead of research into potentially life-saving medicines. The only reason people involved in research are targeted is because they’re a minority – a cowardly position if ever there was one.

Hopefully animal rights ‘activists’ will cease using any western medicine and refuse emergency treatment that may have been tested on animals. That would succeed in making them a little less active.

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Animal rights terrorism

  1. Jay says:

    I hate all those protesters who would go to the house of the testing labs cleaners cousins fathers newphews dog. Man products have to be tested on animals, animals aren’t ppl. Sure they may respond to ppl and look cute but if you think about it, animals dont do anything, except control the numbers of other animals. They will never invent a life saving creation, cause guess what… They’re animals. Animal testing is crucial to make sure humans are protected from certain tests and prototypes of products. Now all ppl say is, why should make-up be tested on animals, and the majority of ppl only think the just test make-up. Over 90% of medicines and vaccines have been tested on animals first. Animals are helping us, that’s how i see it, they are an aid to us, and not that we’re a pain to them. All these middle-classed rebels want something to go against, but animal testing should not be an issue for them. I’m sure they all have used products which were tested on animals. And im sure that the thought of human volounteers would have crossed your mind. Well what you got to understand is, say an experiment goes wrong on a human, he could infect his family, friends and cause a big epidemic over something that could have been prevented by testing on animals.

    Any questions

  2. Red Dalek says:

    Although I’m impressed that you got ‘middle-class’ into this issue, and I’d like to stress that humans are still very much ‘animals’ – I agree. Wow!

  3. Helen Hudspith says:

    The scientific debate is admirable, and probably logically un-arguable against, but as a long-term fan I’d like to give a jerky-squeak in favour of our guinea pig friends…
    Lettuce leaves all round methinks.

  4. Red Dalek says:

    Tough on guinea pigs, tough on the causes of guinea pigs…

  5. Helen Hudspith says:

    Ouch! Get off my fur….ever heard of shaving first before you inject….
    OOh, that eyehadow just ISN"T my colour…

  6. Alex Newman says:

    I’m back!
    I just got back an hour or two ago from a three week trip to Canada. In the next few days I’ll get caught up on everything I missed.

  7. Alex Newman says:

    btw, like the look

  8. Red Dalek says:

    Welcome back! Hope you had fun…

  9. Jay i think the first few sentences i was bothered to read of yours was really cold MY cat kills mice that doing something! and btw Animals should not be used on cosmetics its just wrong and we can live without them. why cant they just use suicidal people as guinea pigs? and the terroists already won they took away our humour

  10. Red Dalek says:

    "Animals should not be used on cosmetics"

    I agree. So does the government. That’s why it’s illegal. This is about using animals for medical research – potentially saving human lives

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