Russell T Davies comes out of the closet

“I’m deeply atheist. If they haven’t reached that point by the Year Five Billion, then I give up! When did the Doctor do that speech about believing in things that are invisible? … That’s another bit of atheism chucked in. That’s what I believe, so that’s what you’re going to get.”


Right, there are only six (six!) days left till GCSE results. At least the press might have exhausted their “exams are too easy!” stories by then. Not that we don’t need an big overall of the exam system, but there has to be some acceptance that in any economy you will get inflation. Just ask Mervyn King!

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2 Comments on :
Russell T Davies comes out of the closet

  1. Rob says:

    Ohh results, they should be good

  2. Jay says:

    Name: Jason ‘Jay’ Budd
    DOB : 05.07.1989
    Hobbies: Guitar
    Occupation: shelf stocker
    GCSE Results: Fucked
    Results dont mirror the man
    Ok fuck it, they do

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