Quiet Weekend

First off – kudos to Pingu for his brilliant megamix tonight. Wonderful mixing and choice of tracks… lovely way to end an evening. Thanks!

I haven’t really been doing much this weekend… although I should be off buying new trainers. One of those things that I know I have to get but I find incredibly dull shopping for and, sadly, can’t really be purchased online.

My excuse is that my debit card was lost\stolen on Friday sometime so I can’t really buy anything anyway. I got home and realised it was missing from my wallet (nothing else was though) and figured it was safer to get it cancelled straight away rather than waste time looking for it and live to regret it. Hooray for internet banking as well – so I could see nothing had been taken from the account. It’s a minor inconvenience really, and highlights one benefit of the Chip and PIN system.

I also got paid on Friday to go through some IT questions (mostly relating to spyware\adware\malware) with someone. So when I get my card back, I’ll have more to spend! (H)

Finally, at type of writing there have been no deaths reported from Hurricane Rita. Always worth repeating good news with the word ‘hurricane’ in it.

Oh and yes, as noticed already, there are a few updated graphics on the site and a slightly revamped search feature. Enjoy… (“Is is worrying that I can’t get ‘You Broke My Heart’ by what is described as the girl-equivalent of McFly – Love Bites – out of my head? I think it is”)

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7 Comments on :
Quiet Weekend

  1. El Barto says:

    I lost my debit card last month! It was only until my sister went through ALL of her handbag collection, we found it. Never give it to your sister to hold guys!

  2. budd says:

    all these hurricanes have been trouble man. I think hurricane katrina is like america’s 9/11

  3. Nic Parkes says:

    Yeh, cus like 9/11 was never in America was it?

  4. Red Dalek says:

    There should be some kind of award for that comment…

  5. Ragnarok says:

    because Hurricane Katrina was never in America

  6. call me frank says:

    My god what is wrong with you people? I mean, from this blog, it seems nic parkes is a little socially-deprived and doesnt understand a simple joke. Also ragnorak aka jasmine seems to be on some sort of drug that dulls the cruel sense of reality, to understand what people are saying. The only gd ppl are el barto, budd and mr dominic self.

  7. Red Dalek says:

    All right all right… chill out Jason. Everyone can laugh at each other as they wish.

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