Hey kids – here’s how you’re going to die!

I have a confession to make. I don’t like being horribly mutilated in a car accident, ending up face down in the gutter with blood pouring out of an eye. Being knocked off a motorbike in the middle of a motorway – with no helmet – doesn’t sound much fun either. And I’d like to keep my bones firmly inside my body, my neck free from whiplash, and my limbs at least vaguely connected.

OK, maybe I’m not alone. But I also don’t like hearing about this in a ‘special’ assembly on a Monday morning that seemed to misunderstand my complaint of dullness and trade it for extremely graphic descriptions of how we would die horribly in a car accident. And all this from a driving school instructor!

Fair enough – it’s a good idea to educate people and make them a bit more cautious on the road. But I’m odd in that I’ve never been gung-ho about driving… I expect I will learn how (prediction – after failing the test at least once) but I’m really, really not excited about the prospect of actually going anywhere. I mean honestly, I’m an introvert, and I live in a city with public transport and things so close you could even walk to them. If it’s dangerous enough to even take out your mobile on the streets of London, do I really want to be driving around congested streets in an expensive hunk of metal, with a huge insurance premium that’ll leave me unable to afford any petrol?

So yeah… I actually walked out of the assembly. Sorry, but I needed some water and fresh air!

Also in my life:

  • More4 launched. The Daily Show, on TV, properly. Finally! And I’ve recorded A Very Social Secretary to watch at a later date.
  • I got a nice comment from fellow NAGTY member Nathan Wong which led me to a few interesting blogs from his friends like Katy Moe and others. See, I was wrong about Aspire, it is cool!
  • I love my hosts. They upgraded the email system today, providing IMAP subfolders for the first time.
  • And various other things that happened, from tweaking Alex T’s stylesheets at school to feeling vaguely proud of our country (!) after reading today’s death penalty statement.

And finally, yesterday I was at our neighbour’s Christening which was lovely. There’s a Bar Mitzvah coming up soon in the diary too, just for balance!

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3 Comments on :
Hey kids – here’s how you’re going to die!

  1. El Barto says:

    Shite, i missed More4 launching

  2. Yea, I missed it too
    Regarding the CSS, I feel such a failure.

  3. Budd-driving school for the blind says:

    The assembly was informative but i think it went on a bit too long. Imean how long can you keep talking about how everyone is gonna die driving on their first two years while they are a novice etc. Walking out? i dont blame ya, i mean they constantly thought it nesscesery to show pictures of mutilated bodies, people getting knoked down by cars, and the gentlemans lovely stories on how he’s been around soo many scenes of bad driving. That leaves me with one question though. Why do major crashes/collisions happen around this one person. I bet he’s the main problem. I mean you’d have to be pretty lucky to be around all these accidents, or just a pretty bad driver

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