You learn something new every day

I did not know this:

Selling alcohol to someone who is drunk carries a fine of up £1000; a court may suspend or remove a certain licence upon conviction

Selling alcohol to someone who’s drunk is illegal? How drunk is drunk? Is this ever enforced? What about selling alcohol to someone who is high or under the influence of something else? How can this even be true?!?

Maybe this should apply in other areas as well? Dominic’s list of new things to outlaw:

Selling fast food to someone who is obese
Selling clothes to someone who is well-dressed
Selling the Daily Mail to someone who doesn’t like immigrants

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4 Comments on :
You learn something new every day

  1. Alex Newman says:

    Doesn’t that kinda destroy the business of every bar?

  2. El Barto says:

    ‘Selling the Daily Mail to on the Weekend to MY PARENTS!’

    Every Sunday they always complain how much junk is included with it including all the advert leaflets, etc… They also moan about how much bigger it gets and how the price slowly rises! Please help!

    (I love them really!)

  3. Joel Pan says:

    How about selling cigarettes to smokers?

  4. Pingu says:

    What about.. selling the Daily Mail to er.. anyone?

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