Who’s David?

Awww bless! Congratulations to David Cameron, who proved that even Tories understand that after three election defeats, you might want to start doing something about it. It’s all very reminiscent of New Labour’s birth – after all, don’t those rectangles (Change to Win – Win for Britain) at the top right of their bright new website look familiar? Or is it just me?

Seriously, having a proper opposition could be a good thing for Labour in the long run. When Gordon Brown takes over (or he doesn’t, and the universe implodes) the party will need to change to present a fresh face to the electorate at the next election. I’m not talking about swinging leftwards, but simply finding new ground for New Labour to explore. A lot of the original battles now been won – a minimum wage, or civil partnerships. When the Conservatives appear to have embraced a bit of investment in our public services, you know it’s time to move forward.

In other political news, Adair Turner has definitely become my new favourite Lord. (Take that, Robert Winston!) Seriously, he rocks socks. Best-Pensions-Commission-Ever. And I mean that. No I’m not just being silly, it really is good, but regurgitating it all now might send you to sleep. Part of the problem is the name NPSS for the new super pension collection thingy. It’s uninspiring. Come on Turner! Call it Free Parking or something, that’ll get people to invest in it.

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Who’s David?

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