One down…

Did English exam this morning. As usual, I’m pretty bad about judging how an exam went… not a disaster, not the best essay I’ve ever written. I’m not sure – I made a fair amount of points, tried to relate them to the question, shoved in some quotes – we’ll have to see!

Anyway, Physics is at 1.30. It’s a bit more cut-throat than English, if you don’t know what to do you could just freeze. Hopefully that won’t happen

How valuable is last-minute revision anyway? I’m never sure. Apparently boys cram more than girls. Is it true? No idea. But certainly my blogging style changes when I’m nervous, all these rhetorical questions.

Signing off from the rather ugly IBM computer in the 6th Form area of the library…

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4 Comments on :
One down…

  1. Josie says:

    Good Luck

    I’m still ill, hence my commenting at a time when i should be at school.


  2. Nath-O says:

    Me too.. Except im not ill..

    Good luck Dom..

  3. Rob says:

    I’ll pass some luck on right now, as you are doing the exam at the time of this comment

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