Too arty?

For the record, the current homepage was inspired by the Daily Show’s Blurry Photos of Poor People coffee book joke. If I replace it by a nice picture of some clouds in a week or so, you’ll known I’ll have lost nerve.

So, another weekend is here. Tomorrow I’ll be going to Joshua’s party (yes, again) so we’ll see what happens there! Erm, happy ‘very early’ birthday Joshua.

On Wednesday the History class went on a trip to the Liberal Jewish Synagogue to listen to a Holocaust survivor speak. Which was moving, as you’d expect, but he was very good and didn’t seem to feel that his whole life had to be dictated by these awful events. A lesson which, I think, is important to learn. Fascinating story about later ending up as a guard at a POW camp for German soldiers and meeting a boy who had once gone to his school.

Plus we got tea and biscuits there – which is typical Jewish culture cause it’s never happened to me at a church Very worthwhile trip!

Oh and an update – Toy Story 3 has been cancelled. Thank god for that.

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7 Comments on :
Too arty?

  1. Alex Newman says:

    I wasn’t aware that tea and biscuits were traditional Jewish food. (By the way, I’m Jewish)

  2. Red Dalek says:

    I meant the ethos of always making sure you give people food and drink, no matter what occasion (I’ve got Jewish relatives!)

  3. Rob says:

    Homepage doesnt work here

  4. Jake says:

    the new homepage image loosk good!

  5. Alex Newman says:

    Yeah, thats a lot more true

  6. Andy says:

    Boo. Was looking forward to Toy Story 3.

  7. Jake says:

    Haha, good job they scrapped because if they didnt we’d be having it on every xmas!

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