A week with the end in sight

Thanks to various INSET \ Bank Holiday fun, there’s a four day weekend coming up. Hurrah! But woah, slow down there, because before that there’s loads of work to do. I’m developing rather elaborate coping strategies. Like ‘go to an A Level music performance’ to put off that English essay, or ‘for heaven’s sake don’t miss The Apprentice‘ to put off just about anything that might come up.

Incidentally, since I’m on a bit of a school rant, I had a slight little ‘uh-oh’ moment in Physics today. A bit like an oops, where are the prisoners? moment, but not quite as drastic. Basically – the concept was great. We’re practising for the practical and Hiten’s your partner! What can go wrong?

Well we still managed to screw up all three experiments. In fact, in one memorable incident, we discovered a new kind of ‘constant’ with the power to change from 1.17 to 1.60 at will and back again. It’s a magical constant I tell ye! Oh dear. Let’s hope work really hard so that things improve from the real thing on 16th May.

Enough negativity. Have I Got News For You recording on Thursday (still haven’t watched this week’s yet ) and then on Friday I’m off to Birmingham\Rubery\Cofton\Marlbrook\’a big hill’ to nick Nic’s floor and stay the night. So if you’re in the area and you hear a strange accent in the air, come and say hi.

Night night children. xx Domdedomdom (as Josie’s sister Kathryn has taken to calling me).

P.S. Well I just came to boogie, I’m all about the boogie, tonight’s bout the boogie!

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A week with the end in sight

  1. senior smoke says:

    I’m gonna boogie through the night wid you baby, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeeeeeah!

    Thanks! I’ve been doing the boogie for almost 10 minutes now and so far i’ve woken up the sister!

  2. Alex Newman says:

    Do you say 16th May as opposed to May 16th

  3. Red Dalek says:

    Sometimes, Alex – numerical dates are always written as DD\MM\YYYY so I try to follow that – but for written dates it’s more of a personal preference.

    Keep on dancin’ smokey

  4. Lucy says:

    Ooooh for the first time *ever* I’m at the top of the links list!


    Cofton? Where’s *that*?!

  5. Alex Newman says:

    Yeah, b/c in the US its MM/DD/YYYY
    Also notice the difference between / and \

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