Slide Number One

Agh Busy!

Lots going on, so little time:

On Thursday I took my sisters to the park. Not out of kindness, you understand, but for my Maths coursework. We have to design a children’s slide, so I wanted to measure average velocities and acceleration and suchlike.

Slide Number One

Slide Number One

Slide Number Two

Slide Number Two

We even persuaded a woman there to let us measure the time for her son to down, which was very nice of her, especially considering I sold it as “Hiya, I’m doing some Maths coursework looking at how fast people go down slides without dying.” See kids, you all want to do AS Maths now I bet. Slides!

Yesterday I regrettably did not do any Maths coursework but I did go to Hampstead Heath with (deep breath) Matthew, Joshua, Fabio, Robert, Sanna, Olly and Olly’s mysterious friend Alex. We all held hands and ran down hills – looking for all the world like a gay pride rally – and also flew a kite! We also sunbathed, investigated a Viking burial ground, walked through the carnival and bought some candy floss. Funness.

When I got home everyone was still next door at the ‘lunch’ that went on rather longer than a lunch, so I went round and became a little market research guinea pig for our neighbour who works at marketing for Sky. (“Blogs blogs blogs”, I said, “get James Murdoch to blog”.) In return received tentative offer of work experience in the summer, and interesting discussion of whether Sky is a platform or a content business, whether Sky News actually makes a profit, and whether Nic will kill me now. (I’m not sure.)

And that brings me neatly onto today… where Holly phoned me during one of my long walks with dad (and Tash, who may have regretted the length of our long walks) to ask questions about Othello’s relationship with Iago so that I could talk about Shakespeare off the top of my head whilst meandering through Gladstone Park. Funky. (Have you noticed I’ve got into the habit of following a long sentence with a very short, even just one word one? I have.)

Plus tonight we’re off to the National Theatre (The Royal Hunt of the Sun) while we record… the launch of the new series of Doctor Who. Make sure you all watch New Earth, tonight, at 7.15 on BBC1! Phew.

P.S. How could I forget? Check out the music of Lily Allen for some brilliant songs.

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Agh Busy!

  1. Crash says:

    I’d like to place a bet on how long it takes for you to get arrested by the goverment who think that you’re trying to build a slide to send kids into orbit. Every satelite comunication who be a message saying "sorry but my mummy and daddy aren’t home at the moment". Now thats a weapon of mass distraction.



  3. Red Dalek says:

    Hola, rhyming people. Please don’t shout in CAPITAL LETTERS

    (Oh and your = belongs to, you’re = you are)

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