Fake Sheikh

Dammit George

Fake Sheikh

Fake Sheikh

Respect where respect is due. I’m no fan of George Galloway (to put it mildly) but I have to stand up and congratulate him in his battle against the News of the World in the ‘fake sheikh’ – you can read Galloway’s excellent and detailed account of what happened here.

The News of the World has been busy running round trying to gag the press – good thing I saved a copy of the photograph from that website before it got taken down You can still find it on Google Images, if you’re interested. I’d post it here but lawyers make such poor conversation.

Update – It’s past 4pm, the embargo is off, up goes the photo of Mazher Mahmood… fuck you Murdoch

Double Update – OK, maybe we have to wait till 5pm now

Triple Update – 5pm! 4pm tomorrow?! Damn you courts!

Final Post – Injunction removed

Summary of the story – The News of the World doesn’t want this photo published. Clearly, therefore, it is every man, woman and child’s duty to publish this photo as much as they possibly can.

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Dammit George

  1. Nathan says:

    Though it does seem that, as ever, Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mazher_Mahmood) provides a source that remains entirely ignorant of censorship, as with the Muhammed Cartoon debacle.

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