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Oh dear god. I hadn’t seen it until now, but this year we’re being represented by a soap power – Daz – in a song that is so hilariously wrong on so many levels it achieves a certain greatness. But only while you choke back the tears.

Teenage Life is the ultimate anthem of the damned. GG describes it thusly: “imagine a rapper – and now imagine that rapper is white, and now imagine that rapper is white, over 40, and that he wears faded 1980s denim. Okay now imagine that he is rapping over a soundtrack of schoolkids singing – and now add the visual image of women in their late 20s in schoolgirl uniforms dancing and miming to that backing track.”

The really scary part is that it’s on target to be ‘our best entry in years’. I can’t hope but feel sorry for our MEPs, who surely won’t be able to live it down for months in the European Parliament if we actually win. I can imagine the French and Germans shuffling little packets of Daz between each other while the Brits look ashamed.

Now my bad old ways
Were during my school days
Messing on those grade A’s [sic]

In fact that deserves [sic] twice – both for the idea of being anywhere near ‘Grade As’ and the unfortunate apostrophe Ah Eurovision, don’t we all love it?

Sticking with all things Europe, the .eu domains have (finally) launched. And I bought one. In a crafty scheme. Will let you know more later if anything comes of it…

Cool People

Cool People

Right, I’ve had a shout out request! From the ever-vain Fabio who thinks the cool hall gang should get more mentions and even a dedication here or there. So here you are. And here’s a blurry photo of us from the background of a silly YouTube video too! If you’re after more, search for QPCS on said site.

(P.S. I’m the one you can see on the table)

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  1. Alex Newman says:

    I don’t really understand most of what you said, but the top bit reminds me of Eminem

  2. I’m intrigued! What will your registration be?, perhaps?
    Or perhaps you’re going into business with…?
    Unfortunatly so far *.eu* has only served to piss me off, so I hope you have more luck with yours than I’ve had with mine.

    Our entry looks crap as usual this year but I’m not too worried, Eurovision’s a joke anyway!

    And, whilst being a blurry backdrop to a QPCS break-film is alright, I really think the Sixth Formers should give it a proper go!

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