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No no no!

Here’s what happened.

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Parents News

After going to see Oh What a Lovely War! with the school, and blogging about it, I was asked to write something for the school’s weekly newsletter to parents. Being lazy, I simply lifted the appropriate paragraph from my blog, reworked it slightly to make it a touch less jokey, and sent an e-mail explaining ‘On my blog I wrote this:’ and ‘Cleaning that up a bit to QPCS formality standards…’ showing the original text and my changes.

Well, they only went and printed the entire e-mail including my customary ‘Hurrah!’ at the end. So… yes… now everyone can see my mental split between wanting to (as GCSE English would put it) ‘write for different audiences’ and my reluctance to actually go to the whole hog and do so. Thanks, Queens Park

Today was technically the final day of school, although it’s less of a technicality for Katie who just had her final day at primary school ever ever ever! Us older kids headed down to Camden where I was led to vent my fury at the utterly rubbish Silverlink service that collapsed for us on the way back, and my joy at discovering they would be scrapped from next year and taken into the warm heart of Transport for London, who actually know how to run a transport service. Yay! Silverlink, you suck and will not be missed. At all.

Robert would like to drum up linkage to his Taekwondo Club – mainly to attract Google’s precious PageRank goodness (hehe, I feel dirty). So there, I linked, aren’t I nice. Oh and Nic, Josie and Lucy are back from the shed in Wales. Wombat!

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5 Comments on :
No no no!

  1. I was gonna blog that! Congratulations, you beat me to it

    & the Siverlink was because someone threw themselves on the tracks at Kensal Rise station.

  2. Red Dalek says:

    Have they ever worked though? I mean, have they ever been more than a horrible second-rate imitation of the Tube but without the staff, Oyster cards, trains running on time or stations that weren’t outposts of depravity? No…

  3. Tanysha says:

    Ohhh yes we had sooooo much fun gettin bk from Camden! Gettin abused by chavs lol bloody silverlink screwin up lol
    But all in all an educational experience lol
    Dominic, Rob WAS abusin me on Saturday, he is soo mean to me

  4. Unknown says:

    HA HA HA… I just heard this really funny joke… listen to it!!!

    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    A. Because the triangle is pointy!

    hahahahahaha…. i bet that made you laugh so hard ure crying!! LOL!!

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