A burst of blogging energy

Strange. I blog more in the busy term time than during the long summer holiday. I think it’s the lack of routine, and the lack of ‘incident’ so that I can’t come home and blog “Oooh at school today we met Ricky Martin” in one neat, tidy post. That’s not to say nothing’s happening! But… maybe when Alex Trafford runs at you in the park to give you a hug you know it’s time to get back to the geek community of bloggers writing about nothing

(Haven’t seen SoaP though, because I think it would actually disturb me. The sheer… unimaginable… horror… of having a group of them all coming for you at once, venomous bites, fear in the whites of their victim’s eyes – yes, I’m talking about an army of hyping bloggers, of course )

I guess I do have one public service bit of news to blog – apparently, according to sources – Queen’s Park achieved their 50% 5 A*-C target for GCSEs this year. Put this into context that last year we got 40% – yes, a blip year – but it’s still a massive 25% improvement*. You have to feel a bit miffed, though, what was so wrong with us? The signs aren’t looking good for our AS results other, the signs being that it has been impossible to extract gossip from the school about them during the summer. Can’t bloggers get a seat on the SMT meeting? No? Fine. Be like that. You’re so Web 1.0, school.

Talking of school, I really need to write my personal statement \ complete my online UCAS form \ decide which unis I actually want to \ apply to do that pesky Maths homework \ read Hamlet \ find out about the French Revolution \ buy precious stationary \ tidy my shelf so that I have room for new work after last year’s worksheet bonanza. (It was cathartic writing that!) In my defence, I have finished reading Regeneration and am well stuck into Birdsong now – more elaborate reviews to follow. Probably. At this rate of blogging, probably sometime in 2008, but we’ll try and speed things along.

Message Corner: Happy Birthday, Carolyn! Fingers crossed, Andrew! Time to resign, Blair!

P.S. I also expect no complaints about the laziness in categorising posts. Might try ‘rationalising’ that soon. You know, 2012ish.

[*Just in case you think of correcting this to a 10% improvement, please don’t ]

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6 Comments on :
A burst of blogging energy

  1. Jake says:

    Alex Trafford RULES The hair, THE HAIR is just amazing!

  2. Andy Kings says:

    Ricky Martin is mine and Lucy’s ticket to instant riches.

    (Don’t ask, loooong story )

  3. Lucy says:

    Was that the revival tour thing?

  4. Helen H says:

    Thanks for the comment, RD, (A bit lonely in there right now!) and the link, I’ll reciprocate once I’ve found out how to!
    Hope you enjoyed Regeneration, look forward to your views. One of my favourites and well worth reading the trilogy – AND seeing the film – QPCS Library has it, though you’ll probably watch it as part of your course next year.
    I’ve just re-bought Birdsong too, so quite a coincidence.
    Great news about the exam results…Ms Eynon is getting good at juggling those figures…!
    Enjoy what’s left of the hols

  5. That was a most excellent blog post, I was cracking up throughout (especially the end of the third paragraph, I don’t know why just…). Nice one, Dominic.

    I hope you enjoyed our brief meeting, because I certainly did

    And gracias Jakey boy, you’re a true legend!

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