Tornado damage, photo by Paul Da Silva


There are some things you can see coming. I knew, for instance, that I’d have to spend my free period hurriedly doing Maths that I’d abandoned the night before. What I never suspected is that my work would be interrupted by the sound of a tornado down the street.

Tornado damage, photo by Paul Da Silva

Tornado damage, photo by Paul Da Silva

Yes as I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, we had some windy weather in London today. I didn’t know it actually had been a tornado until two guys came rushing (late) into Maths with video footage of themselves caught up in it. So naturally my lunchtime was spent around the multitudes of fire trucks, police and media swarms (including several helicopters) looking at the roof tiles by our feet, broken windows, ruined pavements and some dramatic houses now torn apart. Of course, after all the excitement, my thoughts go out to those whose lives have been affected.

As was duly noted, the (excellent) Winter Concert this evening included performances of Colours of the Wind, Walking in the Air and, of course, Blowing in the Wind. However, congratulations to everybody who took part – especially, of course, Rishal and Robert along with [something]ettes (sorry, very sorry) Marion and Amber and Katie! Who got awwws from the audience for her brilliant portrayal of someone being bullied and excluded in the Drama section… no doubt helped by her first-hand experience at home

The State Within

The State Within

I also wanted to mention The State Within after watching the final episode tonight. Really enjoyed this even if we didn’t always know exactly what was going on, hehe. If you think a fast-paced political thriller with plenty of murder – and the intriguing use of Windows Media Player 11 as an espionage tool – would appeal to you, check out any repeats!

Last weekend was lovely, by the way, even if I saw the most bizarre Tenacious D movie about… oh, I won’t even bother explaining. Don’t see this in the cinema alone. Next weekend will be more nerve-wracking as I have to try and fit in some Christmas shopping as well as try and prepare for my Cambridge interview on Tuesday. Wish me luck?

The final word must go to Hanan, I think, who decided that after the horrific near-death experience we’d all been through, it was important to reflect on the important things in life. Y’know, not cheap materialistic things but real, deep, meaningful relationship stuff. It took about a minute of a tornado to get that out of her. Somehow methinks it won’t last…

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  1. Rob says:

    We’ve had strong winds here lately, think it was last weekend winds got tiles of neigbours roof and someones shed blew over.
    Seems to be getting windier each year!

  2. Helen Hudspith says:

    Trust you lot to be in the middle of a bloomin’ tornado…can’t you just play marbles at lunch times like I used to..?
    Good luck for Tuesday, sock it to ’em. I’ll think of you.

  3. Marion aka Adopted Daughter aka Gashette says:


  4. Red Dalek says:

    Yeah I really need to hurry up and allow bold text on here Marion

    Thanks Helen

  5. tasha says:

    Don’t scrape Rob… it wasn’t a tornado it was a wind.

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