Kanj Morph!

Morphing: my beloved new toy

Kanj Morph!

Kanj Morph!

As teasingly hinted at last time, I want to introduce you to Popims Animator. It’s a curiously designed free application which seems to be good for only one thing: face morphing! A quick demonsration appears on the left. Yes, apologises for the overly-large file size and reliance on the cliché that Mr Kanj = Ross from Friends. You can see how you can have fun with this thing though



Hopefully it is also regarded as being in the spirit of Red Nose Day. The undisputed champion of Red Nose Day at our school, of course, is Mr Taylor, and this year was no exception. Alex Trafford has a better photo up, but I think Mr Taylor deserves the widest audience he can for his efforts Bravo!

I was also embarrassingly thrilled to have The Apprentice back, if only for Comic Relief. Of course, Piers Morgan had to be fired. It was just written in the stars. Sure, I happen to like Alastair Campbell and be slightly biased on this, but you simply cannot throw away an opportunity to fire Piers! It’s probably written in a bye-law somewhere. In the same way that I instantly recoiled in horror when Michael Winner turned up to their fair. (Update – it’s worth seeing Blair meeting Lauren Cooper too.)

Today (well, Saturday) was Emily’s very enjoyable birthday picnic in Queen’s Park. Featuring everything a picnic needs to be successful: bread, cheese, Pringles, cake, coke and… foam guns. Happy 14th birthday Emily! And since I’m in such a multimedia mood tonight, anyone care for a video of Saoirse leading a cheer for contraception? What’s that, you would? OK then!

Finally – I’ve made my final UCAS choices (Cambridge first choice, Birmingham insurance) after deciding I was really fed up with the whole application system. So I really have to pass my exams now

Oh, and! I’m rather touched by Alex’s comment on my last post that by mentioning planned posts in advance I’ll be building up “immense suspense” for my readers. So here you go then:


“Next time on The Musings of a Red Dalek! The family comes together for Mother’s Day, but will chaos ensue? Meanwhile, Dominic confronts a personal dilemma. And there’s disbelief at the Kings household when Andy wins a poetry prize. Followed by news & weather.”


Happy Mother’s Day!

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5 Comments on :
Morphing: my beloved new toy

  1. helen says:

    Doesn’t Mr Taylor look fab?..I’d kill for that midriff…

    Oh, and shouting ‘condoms!’ in Queen’s Park is NOT funny…just think what you lot are doing for property values in the area. Tsk, tsk..
    £20 to Comic Relief if next time you go you shout ‘Intra-uterine device’….

  2. Emily says:

    I just realised Mr Taylor would have to cycle in that gear..
    It was a very, very enjoyable picnic actually.
    personal dilemma?

  3. Mr Kanj says:

    I must say that I dont think much of this "Ross" fellow. It would be funny though if people got him confused with me, instead of the other way around. Oh, and you’ve got to find a better picture of me Dominic! And by "me", i mean the real me!

  4. Saoirse says:

    I really do look like a seal.

  5. Albi and Mahad says:

    LOVE THIS!! love from Albi and Mahad

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