Bit of a disengagement coming

First of all, a big welcome to the summer holidays to everyone ending term today! Whether you’re jetting off to far-away places or sheltering from the freak British weather here at home, enjoy yourself. This even applies if you’re going to Cornwall

Secondly, it is of course less than an hour until the release of the final instalment of Harry Potter. Sorry, what’s that, a comment about my age? I’ve been with this saga since the beginning, spoilsport, so bugger off. Under normal circumstances the release would cause me to disappear for the weekend to read it, but Lucy is coming over, and sitting in opposite corners of a read immersed in a book would be rather antisocial. Therefore, my reading will probably start on Tuesday. But – and this is a big but – I’m working on the QPCS summer school that week!

If the chatty Year 6s and 7s manage to avoid totally ruining the novel for me, therefore, I won’t be online for a bit. Why bother when Harry Potter is waiting? So, ur, if you need to contact me try casting a spell or something.

Until Voldemort is sorted out, goodbye!

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Bit of a disengagement coming

  1. James says:

    Oh I’m sorry, I’m not rely into Pokemon

    (If you read kxcd you would get it)

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