Quick! Post!

A quick post – it’s been too long – to announce some things. In a breathless, overly-enthusiastic style! Yeah!

This holiday, I’m going to Wales, Brighton and Russia! Huzzah! I wonder where I get my penchant for holidays from, mother?

Tasha has just finished two weeks of work experience at a solicitors, and sounds like she’s had a great time – popping in and out of court, taking notes on dangerous criminals, etc etc. She’s also actually dressed properly for her placement in a nice shirt and everything, which I’m not sure I quite bothered to do Well done!

Katie got a merit on her clarinet exam! Hooray! Congratulations!

And I am about to get a haircut! A divisive act, apparently, since I always get a severe telling-off from some people for not maintaining hippie hair whilst others seem genuinely relieved and delighted that I can see them again, and don’t keep bumping into walls. Cheerio!

(You should always beware of people who over-use exclamation marks. They are often struggling to maintain a failing front under the weight of great repression and deep seated anger. Beware, I say!)

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Quick! Post!

  1. Andy Kings says:

    Aha! The aristocrartic boof is finally going, then?

    Well done, Katie! What grade was that?

  2. Red Dalek says:

    It has gone!

    And it was Grade 1. In my mind, this is the best. Grade 2 is OK, but Grade 3 was just scraping the barrel and completely unoriginal – they ruined the franchise. Don’t even get me started about the others…

  3. Lucy says:

    Excuse me. The others are clearly an exalted state everyone should aspire to.

  4. Katie Self says:

    Thanks, looking back it was easy but my knees were still shaking 5 mins after!

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