I never thought London was hot…

…I mean, it’s not, is it? Travelling to Birmingham has taught me that, actually, London is a little bit hotter than there – one or two degrees – but tomorrow might open my eyes a little further since we’re setting off on a family holiday to [drumroll] Wales!

I do pay attention to Josie’s blogs, so I expect rain and coldness. It should be fun though – assuming we don’t drive each other mad in the car – to have a proper, relaxing break. It does make me laugh how technology has grown around us: a few years ago, we had to compromise as to which programmes we would record to fit on a 3 hour videotape. Now, with Heroes pre-watched on BBC 3 and the rest of the library set in a few button clicks, we’re setting off accompanied by mobiles, a walkman (jeez, get with the times), MP3 player, DVDs, an iPod, some speakers, a laptop (with Media Centre remote, naturally) and lots and lots of chargers. And just in case we’ve missed anything on TV, the new BBC iPlayer beta will fill us in, right?

Perhaps this holiday won’t be a proper, relaxing break after all and perhaps I won’t get any much-needed reading done after all! Ooh, I must though, Saoirse has a gun to my head. [Goes to pack another book.] I’m also packing my History options which Cambridge sent me, in the hope that I’ll be able to make a decision in the happy holiday atmosphere.

Love to all! Especially you.

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