Freshers’ Party

Just back from a Cambridge party for London-based freshers (St. Mark’s Church, Old Marylebone Road) which was really, really good fun. Like speed-dating, we mingled from person to person, occasionally discovering someone doing the same subject, or going to the same college, or – exceptionally! – the same subject and the same college! These were special occasions indeed

Seriously though, every single person I spoke to was open and friendly, and it’s really made me excited about going to live around this talented bunch of people. People who are genuinely passionate about their subject too – I found a girl who matches my options exactly for the first year of History, and we had a good chat about how other people are silly for wanting to go and do ancient stuff rather than modern politics and suchlike (only kidding – there’s room for us all!)

Oh, and there was free wine. And the Cambridge guy told us we were all smart for choosing Cambridge (duh) and that “I saw the line of people queueing to get in here and thought I was outside a branch of Northern Rock…”

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Freshers’ Party

  1. Andy Kings says:

    I’m going to open a new account with Northern Rock later. Might cheer ’em up a bit, eh?

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