Cutting it fine


is it a measure of incredible incompetence that I managed to wake up 8.53 for a 9.00 lecture, or a measure of astonishing competence that I still got there on time, dressed and everything? Either way, I hope it demonstrates how wonderfully close my accommodation is to the lecture site

I type this as I hurriedly catch up on some Coco Pops before the next lecture at 12

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Cutting it fine

  1. Nathan Wong says:

    Though yesterday I didn’t get up until 856 for my 9 lecture. I got there 2 minutes late whilst he was still recapping the previous day’s lecture, so I didn’t miss anything .

  2. Lucy says:

    Stalky stalky

  3. Wow…that really is – even beats my waking up at 8.25 to get into school Congrats!

    Glad to see that either:

    – Cambridge hasn’t made you above Coco Pops
    – You’re settling into uni life very well, where such a breakfast is perfect

    Not sure which…

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