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I’m trialling out a new feature for this blog’s sidebar: the Feed Mix. The idea is to showcase the latest posts from the blogs of friends and family, in lieu of my ongoing attempt to get some kind of blog network together. There are a few kinks at the moment – most importantly, no Blogspot blogs! The feeds provided unfortunately get a big mangled and don’t work properly at the moment, for reasons I do not fully understand. Sorry. However, enjoy the (however unfortunately limited) mix!

Edit – oh, I’ve finally figured it out! I will now include Blogspot feeds, but you want the link to work to your blog you’re going to have to include a title with your posts I’m afraid

Double Edit – fixed

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Feed Mix

  1. Nathan says:

    You’re in the wrong Facebook network year! Noooooooo!
    And damn, I still didn’t see you the second time I went to Cambridge, even when I walked past your door. Stand in it, dammit.

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