Happy Holidays

Just a quick post to say Merry Christmas for that which has just been, and Happy New Year for what is soon to come! I had a lovely Christmas day and have amassed lots of lovely presents

Thank you to everyone! My sisters were great this year: Tasha got me Hot Fuzz (great film) and a delicious chocolate fudge cake (she knows me), and Katie got me Bill Bryson’s book on Shakespeare which I’d been hankering for. Thank you to Lucy, who got me The Atheists Are Revolting! (and more to come ) which is very me! Thank you to Nathan for his Babble Secret Santa present: I Am America (And So Can You!) which I really, really wanted. And thank you Santa, parents and relatives!

The only Christmas TV I’ve watched so far (OK OK, aside from Shrek The Halls, forgive me) was Doctor Who and the Christmas special of Extras which I really enjoyed. Tonight we went to the Tricycle to see Doubt which performed the useful job of pairing the family off on two different sides over the guilt of the fictional priest


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Happy Holidays

  1. Andy says:

    We are such an inferior family. We only fight over who should have won X-Factor, not the guilt of a fictional priest.

  2. Jakov says:

    That Revolting Atheists book sounds intresting, I might have a look.

    On other years I used to really look forward to watching the good films they put on at this time, but it seems to have worn a bit thin, I finally to watch Pulp Fiction though, I learned loads, including another use for the word GIMP

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