Rishal with his beloved iPod Touch

Where I’ve Been (and stuff)

I should really go to bed, since tomorrow morning I have to get up and be motivational and inspirational at QPCS (somehow!) to try and sell university life. However, I feel the need to blog since I’ve utterly failed to get through my e-mail mountain and I want to have some success tonight.

As soon as I got home I pursued the thoroughly enjoyable task of seeing old friends: walking to Camden with Joshua and ending up in the The Belgo, having hot chocolate with Saoirse, having further hot chocolate with Sanna and Joshua and also going into school to see everyone there. We also had the prizegiving ceremony at school on Thursday night, where my old History teachers gave me a present! It’s the History of London, which as Lucy points out instantly elevates it to my favourite thing ever

Over the weekend I then extended this jaunt further! I went to Birmingham over the weekend to see Lucy, see The Golden Compass Northern Lights (alright, but not breathtakingly good like the books), go out for Andy’s birthday with a whole crowd of brilliant people, and then moving on to visit Rishal at uni in Leicester. He hasn’t changed, brilliantly

Rishal with his beloved iPod Touch

Rishal with his beloved iPod Touch

Some train geekiness now: coming from Leicester, I had to get a train back to Birmingham and then to London because I had two separate return tickets. I was texting Sanna at the time, who questioned the logic of this, and my reply pretty much sums up my thoughts: “What’s that I hear? Why not have an integrated nationalised system with smartcards to pay for each journey separately like on Oyster? Wouldn’t that be good for the national economy in the long run? Why, I quite agree!”. I’m right, though. Sorry, but I am. And it should work on all buses, too, because I’m fed up of paying £1.40 in exact change to TWM. (Talking of Oyster – looks like the Young Person’s Railcard discount is coming soon for it too. Cool!)

Anyway, I was on the first train to Birmingham and as it stopped at Nuneaton I was suddenly struck with a terrific thought: I’ve been here before! On the way back from Birmingham! Hence, it must be a valid route! So I lept off – delighted at the idea I might be back home in time for the pie my dad was texting me about – and it worked! Hurrah, hurrah, thrice hurrah.

I’ll stop talking about trains now, so you can start paying attention again. To be honest I doubt if any of it was worth reading because I’m just back from having three mango beers in a night out with Joshua, Sanna and Abbi. As we were leaving we started discussing blog styles again, and I did a slightly unfair critique of Sanna’s blog (which is really only masking the jealousy I have for not being able to write like that). However! For one night only, I will now conclude this post a la Sanna:

I see you in that chair, perfect skin
Well how have you been, baby, livin’ in sin?
Hey, I gotta know, did you say Hello –
How do you do?

Well, here we are spending time in the louder part of town
and it feels like everything’s surreal.

And… actually, y’know what, I really can’t write like her much as I try. (But go ahead: I defy you to read anything meaningful into cheesy dance lyrics.) I suppose if I was following a pattern I’d start by describing a micro event in great detail, with much reference to nature, so: after prizegiving evening, I waited by bus stop with Jakov eating unsalted chips being slowly crushed in my mouth… interrogated for flavour, like searching for the soul of the restless seas within the stale city. Moving on to refer to people, places or things using only pronouns: oh, you, I hope with all my heart that you take no offence. (Resists the temptation to use an emoticon.) Miscellaneous spirituality: it hurts, sometimes, to see people marooned so far from where I’d desperately wish for them to be. But like you, I maintain the hope of change. Abrupt ending: bed beckons.

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2 Comments on :
Where I’ve Been (and stuff)

  1. Helen says:

    How lovely to see Rishal again!
    What’s he studying?

    And where’s Robert gone? His blog is deader than mine.

    Happy hols…i get 2 days…work is truly a wonderful thing

  2. Red Dalek says:

    He’s doing Chemistry – some exciting foundation course where you do some Maths and Biology as well before going on to a Chemistry degree next year.

    And Robert is on a gap year in Canada

    Work really doesn’t seem so appealing but enjoy the break anyway!

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